jan van eijk Prof.dr.ir. Jan van Eijk
Co-Founder & Trainer Mechatronics Academy
Owner MICE b.v.
Professor Advanced Mechatronics Delft University of Technology
VP & CTO Philips Applied Technologies
Holder EUSPEN Lifetime Achievement Award 2012
Holder DSPE Martin van den Brink Award 2016
Holder ASPE Lifetime Achievement Award 2021
maarten steinbuch Prof.dr.ir. Maarten Steinbuch
Co-Founder, Partner & Trainer Mechatronics Academy
Full-time Professor Eindhoven University of Technology
Groupleader Philips CFT
Researcher Philips Research
Director Graduate Program Automotive Systems
Editor-in-Chief IFAC Mechatronic
Director 3TU Centre High Tech Systems
adrian rankers Dr.ir. Adrian Rankers
Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Trainer Mechatronics Academy
Philips Applied Technologies, Manager Mechatronics Technologies
Philips Assembleon, Manager System Group, Sustaining & Program
Philips CFT Groupleader & Technologist Machine Dynamics & Control
Board Member DSPE (Dutch Society for Precision Engineering)
Chairman DSPE Conference on Precision Mechatronics